A terrace of bamboo for commercial use

For restaurants and hotels, the terrace is an indispensable part of the company. The quality of the terrace reflects the overall atmosphere and ambiance for guests. Commercial decking made of Bamboo X-treme® decking boards, the sustainable, fast-growing alternative to hardwood and other materials, offers several advantages.

The advantages of bamboo

Bamboo X-treme® advantages for commercial decking:

  • the beautiful hardwood appearance with a natural greying, unless an oil is periodically applied;
  • a strong, wear-resistant, stable and hard material that lasts for years: Durability class 1 (EN 350 tested following CEN/TS 15083-2) and Use class 4 (EN 335);
  • meets the highest requirements in terms of fire safety: achieves fire safety class Bfl-s1 (EN 13501-1) and reaches flame spread index Class A following ASTM E84;
  • easy to install and replace if necessary (with clips) and low-maintenance;
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MOSO Bamboo X-treme fulfilled all the requirements, not only in terms of sustainability but also for its high durability and resistance

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Natural and ecological material

A wooden terrace is popular thanks to its natural appearance and the high-quality image of hardwood. Non-renewable materials, such as WPC or PVC, are used because they offer a long lifespan and require minimal maintenance. Whether you prefer the ecological durability, the stability and quality, the minimal maintenance or the safety, Bamboo X-treme® is more than a fully-fledged alternative to these materials. Bamboo grows extremely fast and is processed in our factory to meet the highest standards. For example, it can withstand thousands of dancing guests around the pool of Ushuäia Club Ibiza in Spain.

Bamboo decking at Ushuaïa Ibiza

Stylish and durable terrace

The company Theune Spa Management aims to build modern and advanced wellness facilities, where quality comes first. Outside, where the deck boards are exposed to the weather without protection, the demands on the material are very high. This is why the company tested Bamboo X-treme® well before making the decision to install 2,500 m² of decking at Vabali Spa in Berlin. Years later, other Vabali Spa sites were also equipped with terraces made of the sustainable and ecological material.

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Versatile and complete

MOSO® Bamboo X-treme® decking is available in different widths and, depending on the finish and surface treatment, you can define your own style. Each board has a flat and standard grooved surface: just choose the one you like best! In addition to decking, MOSO® provides Bamboo X-treme® sub frame joists, fascia and maintenance products. With MOSO® fasteners, no screws are visible on the boards which contributes to a beautiful coherent appearance. Make use of the complete range to ensure the quality of the terrace. In addition to Bamboo X-treme® decking, we offer cladding and fencing boards. Bamboo X-treme® Beams can be used for custom made stairs, furniture and shutters.

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Extremely stable and durable

Moso bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth. The bamboo stems grow from an underground root system and after 5 years a stem can be harvested, while the others continue to grow. This means the bamboo can be used without destroying the forest. After harvesting, the Moso bamboo stems are split and the outer skin is removed. By modifying the bamboo strips with a special unique Thermo-Density® process, the dimensional stability of bamboo is improved by circa 50%. The heat-treatment at 200°C also ensures protection against superficial fungi and provides the highest durability class possible. After compressing the heat-treated bamboo strips, the material is stronger and harder than almost any other hardwood and extremely suitable for commercial decking.

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"Maintenance costs may increase disproportionately if poor materials are used. We have installed no less than 2,500 m² of decking, a considerable amount. By choosing bamboo instead of tropical wood, or any other classic material, we can contribute to the protection of natural resources. MOSO® Bamboo X-treme® is optically very stylish and has the best certifications."

Markus Theune, Director of Theune Spa Management
Vabali Spa websiteTheune Spa Management website

A low-maintenance and durable terrace

Maintenance-free decks do not exist in combination with a long service life. Under the influence of users and weather conditions, every terrace becomes dirty and the material will weather. Bamboo X-treme® is a low maintenance product. The boards have a brown to dark brown colour when installed, which becomes lighter a few weeks after installation. The discolouration does not affect the quality and stability of the boards, the surface becomes only slightly rougher. Without maintenance, the material will become completely grey as a result of UV radiation (comparable to most other types of wood).

Natural bamboo decking

In addition to periodic cleaning, we recommend annual maintenance of the pre-oiled decking with Woca maintenance products. Unfinished decking must be treated with a suitable waterbased oil or saturator immediately after installation, for which Sikkens is recommended. Annual maintenance and cleaning should be performed using a cleaner and silicium carbid brush or broom.

Download the full instructions (Woca)Download the full instructions (Sikkens)
Bamboo X-treme terrace at Hotel Restaurant The Fourth

Considering bamboo?

Would you like more information about the possibilities of Bamboo X-treme®? Please feel free to contact our MOSO® Bamboo experts or order samples of the materials suitable for you.

Edwin van Houten
Area Sales Manager MOSO International B.V., the Netherlands

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