Meier On Rothschild Tower Luxury Apartments

MOSO® Bamboo X-treme® Decking surrounds the swimming pool of the Meier on Rothschild apartments. The design of the Meier on Rothschild luxury tower, was created by Pritzker-Prize winning American architect, Richard Meier.

Project architect: Richard Meier & Partners Architect LLP
Local architect: BLK Architects & Town Planners (1989) Ltd.
Interior architect: Tami Yaniv Architecture, Neuman Hayner Architects

Project details

Aviv Pergolas

The 'Meier on Rothschild': luxury in Green Building

Rothschild – a name that evokes many associations. A main boulevard in Tel Aviv, Israel, also bears this name. The new luxury apartment building, designed by Pritzker award-winner Richard Meier, captures every aspect of the distinctive location. Meier is one of the most celebrated architects and his designs are unique and a benchmark for quality, style and iconic architecture. The Meier on Rothschild Tower is a building of revolutionary architectural design that is redefining the skyline. Not only its appearance, but also its sustainable installation and construction is outstanding: all materials were subject to strict selection criteria. In the outdoor area, around the pools, terraces of MOSO® Bamboo X-treme® were installed.

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Architecture with cult symbolic character

The unique designs of the well-known American architect fulfill an international standard for quality, style and architecture with cult symbolic character. As a result, the new Meier on Rothschild Tower redefines the skyline of Tel Aviv. This requirement is consistently worked out in the outdoor area, where a generous pool area dominates with large terraces made of MOSO® Bamboo Decking. The architectural concept of Richard Meier was executed by the local architect BLK Architects & Town Planners (1989) Ltd., together with the interior architects Tami Yaniv Architecture and Neumann Hayner Architects.

Bamboo decking of Meier On Rothschild Tower Luxury Apartments

Best certifications, compelling sustainability

In order to realize the plans of Meier as precisely as possible, they had all the materials for this building tested in cooperation with MOSO®’s partner in Israel, KNEKASH Living Materials. In addition to form stability and durability, the ecological properties played an important role. Classified as carbon neutral according to ISO 14040/44 and classified in sustainability class 1 according to CEN/TS 15083-2 / EN350, the MOSO® Bamboo X-treme® boards are an ecological, weather-resistant and long-lasting alternative to known resource-intensive products or tropical hardwood. The special combination of two production methods – the densification of the bamboo fibers under very high pressure combined with a special thermal treatment at over 200°C – makes the bamboo not only resistant to mold and fungus attack (class 0 according to EN 152) but also permanently prevents the formation of cracks and changes of shape. Treatment with fungicides is not required.

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Bamboo decking with certification at Meier

Technical advantages and visually appealing

In addition to the technical and ecological advantages, the visual appearance is convincing: the natural structure of the wooded material is authentic and noble. Especially in the case of high-quality projects, all three aspects are not to be separated and count as decisive selection criteria. The sustainably built apartment complex in Tel Aviv has many technical features: special shading elements are used for energy savings and the water of the air conditioning system is used for irrigation of the plants. Furthermore, glass, plastic and paper are disposed from each floor via a separate recycling.

Bamboo decking of Meier On Rothschild Tower Luxury Apartments


A project that makes use of MOSO® Bamboo Products offers several advantages compared to wood and other alternative materials, plus MOSO® Bamboo will last for years to come.

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