Bamboo N-finity Indoor Construction Beam

Solid bamboo construction timber developed for indoor use.

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Structural indoor applications made with bamboo

Bamboo N-finity indoor construction beams have very good static-mechanical properties, making them ideal for the construction sector. Thanks to the good technical properties it is possible to use thinner beams compared to the traditional used wood species. Examples for applications are: glass facade systems, conservatories, roof trusses and door and window frames. MOSO® Bamboo N-finity indoor construction beams can therefore replace aluminium, hardwoods and glulam.

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DIBt General Building Inspectorate Approval

MOSO Bamboo N-finity is the first bamboo material that is certified with an Approval for structural applications by the German Institute for Construction technique (DIBt). With the technical characteristics mentioned in the Approval, the Bamboo N-finity beams can be installed as structural or non-structural elements in buildings that are described in the document.

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MOSO® Bamboo N-finity Indoor Beam benefits

  • MOSO Bamboo benefit co2 neutral
    CO2 neutral
  • hard & durable
  • high stability
  • natural beauty
  • healthy

Preferred properties for construction

  • MOSO® Bamboo N-finity indoor beams for (semi)structural applications have very good insulating properties compared to aluminium.
  • Like all of MOSO®’s solid bamboo products, Bamboo N-finity indoor beams have a negative CO2 footprint over their whole life cycle and are a sustainable alternative to other common building materials.
  • In comparison to wood, the structural beams are less sensitive to moisture.
  • In addition, Bamboo N-finity indoor beams are very hard and stable, making it easy to work very accurately and with low losses.
Bamboo N-finity Indoor technical leaflet
Moso Bamboo N-finity indoor beam

Bamboo Indoor beams for (semi)structural applications

Bamboo N-finity is applied in the construction of the new complex of Klöckner Pentaplast BV in Montabaur, Germany. In this building, the beams are used as supporting elements in the building shell, replacing aluminium material.

Bamboo N-finity indoor beams in Klöckner Pentaplast B.V.

"Bamboo is a sustainable material for us, which even in direct comparison to wood has the better properties in terms of sustainability, CO2 binding, strength and durability. Bamboo in the laminated version is ideally suited for load-bearing components in post and beam facades or element facades. Bamboo facades create a warm, pleasant atmosphere, especially in office areas. In combination with bamboo building boards and veneers or even parquet there are numerous design possibilities in interior design to pick up on this atmosphere."

Martin Atzinger - archibrand, Munich, Germany

Patented finger-jointing method

MOSO® Bamboo N-finity Indoor beams are solid bamboo construction timbers developed for use in the construction sector. The bamboo strips are joined together at strip level by a special patented finger-jointing process. Bamboo N-finity has been tested and certified for its mechanical properties (bending, tensile, compression and shearing properties) and is an excellent construction beam.

Bamboo N-finity indoor beams in Klöckner Pentaplast B.V.

Standard or custom-made

The standard range consists of 4 different cross-sections with a length of 5800 mm. The beams are available on request in the maximum dimensions of 200 x 120 x 12000 mm. This product is suitable for indoor use in post and crossbar constructions as well as for window and doorframes.

MOSO Bamboo products used in Hesselink Koffie

Bamboo N-finity indoor standard product

 Construction beam
SurfaceFine-sawn (unfinished)
Product code standard productBL-IL955-580
Dimensions standard product5800x51x161 mm
Dimensions on requestmaximum beam size 12,000x200x120 mm or 12,000x120x200 mm.
 N-finity beam dimensions
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