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The potential use of bamboo is enormous, and MOSO® recognises that we are at the start of discovering the possibilities. Growing knowledge allows architects to use bamboo in various applications and this starts with training. The starting point for the MOSO® Bamboo training course is the book “Booming Bamboo, The (Re)discovery of a Sustainable Material with Endless Possibilities”, written by MOSO®’s Head of Sustainability Pablo van der Lugt. The training course offers the possibility to learn all about the renewable building material from the sustainable sourcing up to innovative applications.

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"The potential of bamboo lies merely in the limitations of the designer, architect or builder working with it.”

Dr. ir. Pablo van der Lugt, Sustainability Manager

Online bamboo training

MOSO® Bamboo’s course, Booming Bamboo, is approved by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and is available all over the world as an online course through AEC Daily. AEC Daily is the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry’s leading source of free, online education in the USA and abroad. The course contains Sustainable Design information and is accredited for 1 Learning Unit (LU) and 1 Health, Safety, Welfare (HSW) Unit by the American Institute of Architects (AIA), but is also accepted by many other associations. To receive the Certificate of Completion (CoC) and the continuing education credits, a test must be completed within the course.

Booming bamboo training

Lunch and Learn training

With MOSO® bamboo specialists located in many countries, presentations can be organised at architectural firms, for example during Lunch and Learn sessions. Special training sessions have been organised in cooperation with architects associations in countries like the Netherlands, the United States and South Africa. AIA members attending a MOSO® Booming Bamboo Lunch and Learn will earn 1 credit under the HSW as MOSO® is an International Provider.

Bamboo training

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Dr. ir. Pablo van der Lugt
Sustainability Manager MOSO International B.V., the Netherlands

Pablo van der Lugt Sustainability Manager MOSO
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