Hard and sustainable bamboo worktop

The name worktop says it all: this is where work is done and the material is used intensively. Bamboo is loved for worktops as a durable, natural and extremely hard material, whether it is a worktop in the kitchen or in an office. MOSO® offers several possibilities to create a bamboo worktop with advantages over other materials.

Bamboo offers several benefits in comparison with other materials for worktops:

The advantages of MOSO® Bamboo worktops

A worktop made of MOSO® Bamboo offers many benefits over other materials:

  • The natural look with, depending on the chosen bamboo style, a linear to wild line pattern;
  • A strong, wear-resistant and hard material that lasts for years and years;
  • The low emissions contribute to a healthy indoor climate;
  • CO2 neutral MOSO® bamboo products contribute to sustainable building and a lower ecological footprint.
MOSO Bamboo floor and panel used in kitchen private residence in Asker, Norway

Bamboo worktop in the kitchen

When choosing a worktop in the kitchen, the appearance, technical characteristics and price play an important role. Bamboo, the natural, fast-growing alternative to all kinds of other materials, scores particularly well when a natural look and a hard material are desired. A MOSO® Bamboo Panel, especially in the versions with a High Density® top layer, is hard and very suitable as a worktop. As with wood, you can determine the appearance with the finish of your choice. For a long life span in the kitchen, a worktop must be finished with an oil or lacquer. Depending on the use, the worktop must be maintained at regular intervals.

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Bamboo flooring and panels in the private residence Cercedilla

Bamboo worktop in office furniture

A natural look brings warmth and liveliness to any office, which every employee feels comfortable with. However, natural materials can be used even more often when choosing worktops for office furniture. In addition to the appearance, the technical properties and price play an important role. A MOSO® Bamboo Panel, especially in the versions with a High Density® top layer, is hard and very suitable as a worktop. With the right finish, a worktop will last for years. Because the solid panel is made of natural material, no two worktops are the same, but they are always of high quality.

Bamboo desk in Voka Chamber of Commerce

Bamboo tabletop

The creativity of the designer, combined with the special properties of bamboo, makes each bamboo table a unique piece of furniture. A MOSO® bamboo panel, especially with a High Density® top layer, is hard and very suitable as a table top. MOSO® supplies bamboo solid boards as a base material in various styles and dimensions. Woodworkers or carpenters can turn this material into a table top for virtually any frame. In combination with bamboo beams, a complete bamboo table can also be created.

A great example of bamboo furniture
Bambusmöbel von Robuust Amsterdam

Extremely hard and durable

Moso bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth. The bamboo stems grow from an underground root system and after 5 years a stem can be harvested, while the others continue to grow. This means the bamboo can be used without destroying the forest. After harvesting, the Moso bamboo stems are split and the outer skin is removed. By treating bamboo with steam, the light brown colour becomes more intense and the yellow shade disappears, we call this Ecru. By increasing the temperature and pressure during the steam treatment a warm brown colour appears we call caramel. After treating and drying, the strips are ready to be joined in several ways to make the final product. Depending on the method of laminating or compressing the strips, a bamboo floor is created in the style Side Pressed (narrow strips side by side), Plain Pressed (wide strips side by side) or High Density® (compressed under high pressure). After production and finishing, the bamboo floor is stronger and harder than almost any other wood.

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