MOSO® Mastering Bamboo

Since 1997, MOSO® has been working with several manufacturers to produce high quality bamboo products that match the MOSO® brand requirements. This involves co-production, consisting of joint investments, product development and training of personnel. By working very closely together with selected manufacturers, MOSO® safeguards top quality standards in their production processes. All products are checked and verified during and after production by the Chinese MOSO® team that currently consists of 21 employees. In addition, MOSO® certifies all products at the highest level fitting the strictest construction, environmental and sustainability standards to ensure that they are healthy and meet the highest market requirements.

Highest standards

We are constantly looking for partners/manufacturers who can meet our strict requirements and match our aim for long term relationships. MOSO® China employees provide continuous training and support to help manufacturers meet the high standards. MOSO® products and production are controlled by the Research and Development department, which constantly studies how to innovate and improve in quality and compliance with the highest standards and valid legislation in the countries where the product is sold. If a MOSO® manufacturer does not (or no longer) meet the high requirements, the partnership ends.

The best results

All MOSO® test reports and certifications are applicable for MOSO® products only and are owned by MOSO International BV, not by the partner manufacturers. All MOSO® products are delivered with a clear warranty, backed up by our Dutch company, which has been in existence for more than 20 years. If you want the best results in your projects, do not improvise nor jeopardize, demand the best quality, demand MOSO® Bamboo products.

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