Bamboo ceiling for a natural atmosphere

A natural ceiling, one made of bamboo for example, creates a warm atmosphere in any interior. At the same time, there are high requirements for fire safety, which can be a challenge, especially with natural materials. MOSO® offers various products that can be used to install a durable bamboo ceiling.

Bamboo offers several benefits in comparison with other materials for ceiling covering:

  • MOSO Bamboo benefit co2 neutral
    CO2 neutral
  • endless resource
  • Beautiful appearance_natural beauty_MOSO-BambooPVB_Benefit_WEB-White
    natural beauty
  • high stability
  • healthy

The advantages of bamboo ceiling covering

Bamboo ceilings are easy to combine with bamboo floors, furniture and wall covering and offer many benefits over other materials:

  • The natural look with, depending on the chosen bamboo style, a linear to wild line pattern on the ceiling,
  • The low emissions contribute to a healthy indoor climate,
  • CO2 neutral MOSO® Bamboo ceiling products contribute to sustainable building, including additional credits for LEED and BREEAM building certification,
  • The high stability of laminated and compressed bamboo in panels and beams.
MOSO Bamboo used in Prinses Maxima Centre in Utrecht

MOSO® Bamboo Products

A bamboo ceiling can be created in a variety of ways. MOSO® offers a broad scale of products which can be installed in several different ceiling systems.  The choice of product depends on the type of installation, the combination with other (bamboo) materials and the design. 

The appearance of a bamboo ceiling

People perform better and feel more comfortable in a natural environment. By adding bamboo to the ceiling, a natural atmosphere can quickly be added to any room. This can be in the form of ceiling panels but also through a grill system with bamboo beams. If desired, the bamboo ceiling material can be enhanced with additional acoustic properties by means of perforations or milled-out patterns.

Bamboo beams in Arneg S.P.A. Headquarter

Flowing bamboo ceiling in CityLife

Bamboo: you simply cannot ignore it in the largest shopping center in Italy. The CityLife Shopping District, designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, shows the versatility of this natural material. With its distinctive curves and smooth forms, the architect brings an unprecedented dynamic into the shopping mall. Thanks to the curves in the ceiling, an impression of motion is created. The high density and hardness of MOSO® High Density® Caramel bamboo not only ensure a very high durability, but also meet strict fire safety requirements.

Read the success story
MOSO products used in City Life Italy project ceiling

“Bamboo flooring, ceiling and columns welcome visitors to the shopping district’s interior. Selected for its warmth and tactility, engineered bamboo is extremely durable and can be procured in a large quantity from sustainable sources.”

Zaha Hadid Architects
Read more about the architect here

Bamboo beams in a ceiling system

Bamboo beams in all kinds of styles and colours are often used in a ceiling system. The beams can be profiled to suit any system, and MOSO® supplies custom-made beams for large surfaces. Thanks to their very high density, MOSO® High Density® beams offer a better fire resistance than most other natural materials, which need to be treated with a fire resistant impregnation system.

MOSO® Bamboo Solid Beam
MOSO Bamboo solid beams used in Thames Tower, London

Bamboo veneer for ceiling covering

Bamboo veneer is very flexible and can be pressed on different materials. Veneer is extremely suitable for pressing on fire-retardant materials. For the world-famous bamboo ceiling in Barajas International Airport in Madrid, MOSO® developed a ceiling board consisting of layers of bamboo veneer with fire resistant impregnation. The boards are also available with a construction of layers of bamboo veneer and fiberglass. This combines the highest requirements for fire safety with the flexibility and natural appearance of bamboo.

MOSO® Bamboo Ceiling BoardMOSO® Bamboo Veneer
Bamboo ceiling in Madrid International Airport

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CO2 neutral bamboo

MOSO® offers CO2 neutral, durable bamboo products for every type of wallcovering. An official life cycle analysis (LCA) conducted proves that almost all MOSO® solid bamboo products are CO2 neutral or better during the product lifespan. Partly thanks to these results, MOSO® Bamboo Products can be used to achieve additional credits for sustainable building certification such as LEED and BREEAM.

More about MOSO® sustainability
MOSO products used in City Life Italy project ceiling

Endless possibilities with MOSO® Bamboo

MOSO® supplies bamboo products for interior applications in the styles Side Pressed, Plain Pressed and Density, in the colours Ecru and Caramel. These optics can easily be combined with the different bamboo floors, but also with wall covering and furniture. MOSO® bamboo board material is also available in the optic Density® Tiger, a mix of Ecru and Caramel.

Forest Growth MOSO bamboo sustainable and green product

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