Endless resource

Bamboo is an ‘endless’ resource. It grows faster than any other plant; up to 1 meter per day! Each year the 4-5 year stems are harvested, providing room for the younger bamboo to grow to maturity. During growth MOSO® bamboo absorbs more CO2 than is released during production. All solid MOSO® bamboo products are therefore guaranteed CO2 neutral over the complete lifecycle.

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Natural beauty

The most striking feature of MOSO® bamboo products is certainly its natural beauty. The beautiful natural grain gives bamboo a distinct design appearance. Combined with the vast choice of different styles, configurations and colours, there is always a MOSO® bamboo product available which will match your preferences.

Hard & durable

Bamboo, after processing, is very hard and durable. This means MOSO® bamboo flooring and decking can be used in heavy duty applications, where conditions such as high-traffic are expected. As well as this, several products are more than suitable for being used outdoors.

Commercial flooringCommercial decking
Bamboo X-treme decking and ceiling Beer Sheva Bridge

High stability

Due to the composition of individual strips, bamboo will shrink and swell less than most solid wood species, providing a very stable solution. This means that unique and intriguing solutions and creations can be developed.

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MOSO Bamboo used in Prinses Maxima Centre in Utrecht

Healthy and fire resistant

MOSO® bamboo products are also a healthy choice as they are antistatic and anti-allergic. Further they have very low emissions of harmful VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Due to the high density, several MOSO® bamboo products fulfill stringent fire safety requirements and MOSO® has tested almost the full range of bamboo products.

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Bamboo staircase in NBD Biblion

A wide variety of choice

Combined with the vast choice of different styles, configurations and colours, there is always a MOSO® bamboo product available to match the desired needs. From commercial to domestic use and industrial applications to unlimited solutions, MOSO® has both the knowledge and expertise to help you progress.

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Up to 30 years guarantee

Developing the best bamboo product is only possible through continuous attention for each detail during production. The Chinese MOSO team was created just for that. Only because of their daily effort a MOSO® bamboo product is very different from a standard Chinese bamboo product. And in the unlikely case that something was overlooked customers can count on our full support and guarantee up to 30 years.

Bamboo decking Solana beach

Want to know more?

We can help you finding the MOSO® Bamboo Product that offers the benefits needed in your project. Make sure you get in touch with one of our MOSO® Bamboo experts if you have any question.

René Zaal
Director of MOSO International B.V., the Netherlands

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