More than a structural element

Doors and frames are important parts of every building. The style and material used in a door and frame also determine the appearance of a building. Architects therefore consciously choose materials that match with the rest of the interior and the style of the building. Bamboo is a durable, natural material that is very suitable for use in doors, as door finishes and as the base material for window frames.

Bamboo offers several benefits in comparison with other materials for door and window frames:

  • MOSO Bamboo benefit co2 neutral
    CO2 neutral
  • hard & durable
  • endless resource
  • Beautiful appearance_natural beauty_MOSO-BambooPVB_Benefit_WEB-White
    natural beauty
  • multiple solutions

The advantages of bamboo

Bamboo offers several advantages over other materials in the application as a door or frame:

  • the natural look,
  • the high stability of laminated and compressed bamboo in panels and beams,
  • the low emissions contribute to a healthy indoor climate,
  • the wide range with different colours and textures, and in various sizes,
  • CO2 neutral MOSO® Bamboo products contribute to sustainable building, including additional credits for LEED and BREEAM building certification.
More about the MOSO® Bamboo certificates
MOSO Bamboo products used in Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam

MOSO® Bamboo Products

When used in door manufacture or as a door or window frame, bamboo is mainly used in the form of beams, panels or decorative veneer panelling. The final application determines the choice of the right bamboo product.

Bamboo doors in reality

The use of bamboo as a raw material has been extensively tested by our partner REINÆRDT. This leading door manufacturer uses bamboo beams for the construction of its doors. In cooperation with MOSO®, they were looking for the ideal sustainable alternative to hardwood, where the quality and stability of the doors were paramount. Even after opening and closing a door 200,000 times, the stability is still at the desired high level. The bamboo beams met all the manufacturer’s requirements and have since been used by the manufacturer as core material. Bamboo is also used for the outside of the door because of its special appearance.

Read the success story
MOSO Bamboo doors by REINÆRDT used in the Isala Clinic

“With the MOSO® bamboo framewood in the doors, we can offer our customers not only a significantly better CO2 balance, but also better quality thanks to increased stability and thus a long life expectancy.”

Robert Haven - purchase manager REINÆRDT
Read more about REINÆRDT here

Mechanical properties

MOSO® offers the new product Bamboo N-finity especially for window frames with structural requirements that are higher than 244 cm without finger jointing. In this laminated bamboo the various loose strips are attached to each other by means of a patented hook joint. Because this connection is placed through the entire beam, there is no weak point in the beam as with finger welding. Bamboo N-finity has been extensively tested for its mechanical properties. Certification for structural application will be achieved in the coming years. With provisional project certification, several projects in Germany have already been provided with semi-constructive glass façade systems.

Bamboo N-finity Construction Beam
Bamboo flooring and window frame in private house

Serious sustainable alternative

Bamboo is still a rather little used material for the production of doors and frames. This is due to the fact that high-quality bamboo beams did not exist for a long time. MOSO® has pushed the development of this material and proves not only with the necessary certifications, but also with convincing reference projects, that bamboo has become a serious sustainable alternative for wood and aluminium.

Bamboo Frame in MOSO Office

Want to feel & touch a product?

Examples of bamboo doors and window frames

We are extremely proud of our customers and the projects in which our bamboo products are processed. Curious about the possibilities of bamboo doors and bamboo frames then look at the inspiration cases below.

More bamboo filled projects?All references

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René Zaal
Director of MOSO International B.V., the Netherlands

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