Bamboo Ceiling Board

Flexibility and stability combined with fire safety

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MOSO® Bamboo Ceiling Board

The MOSO® Bamboo Ceiling Board consists of 5 or 7 layers of bamboo veneer which are pressed cross wise to ensure stability and flexibility. The board is impregnated with fire retardant or enhanced with layers of glass fibre to meet very strict fire norms in Europe and the USA.

MOSO® Bamboo Ceiling Board benefits

  • hard & durable
  • endless ressource
  • Beautiful appearance_natural beauty_MOSO-BambooPVB_Benefit_WEB-White
    natural beauty
  • high stability
  • fire safe bamboo
    B-S2-d0 (EN 13501-1)

The natural appearance of a bamboo ceiling

Individual layers of veneer are pressed together in a special, cross-wise way to ensure the board is stable yet flexible. The appearance brings the element of nature to a project. This makes MOSO® bamboo ceiling boards the perfect fit for projects in which a unique design is required, without compensation of the performance or safety norms.

Bamboo Ceiling Board technical datasheet

Specially designed for special requirements

The MOSO® Bamboo Ceiling Board was originally developed for the Madrid Airport. To create such a requirement-orientated product, a development and close partnership between MOSO and the designer was needed. This partnership resulted in close cooperation, continuous improvement, exchanging knowledge and, ultimately, making major changes made to the processing process to be able to create the desired product. These alterations enable the impregnation of fire retardants and include the processing of the glass fibre layers, ensuring those high fire safety requirements are met. This is a step which can be added when required, as there is also a product without the added glass fibre.

Bamboo ceiling in Madrid International Airport

Improve your project and its sustainability

The sustainable alternative, bamboo, is making its way up the ladder as the awareness of sustainable alternatives increases. As almost all solid MOSO® bamboo products are proven carbon neutral during the product lifespan, not only is the CO2 footprint lower when the products are used, but you can improve the sustainability building rating in general. Due to the certifications and LCA assessment (TU Delft ISO 14040/44 ) which has assessed the whole life cycle of the products, from the growth phase to the transportation to the warehouse, a project is able to receive LEED and BREEAM credits when MOSO® bamboo products are used.

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Bamboo Ceiling Board styles

Construction 5 layers7 layers
Glass fibre NoYes
Dimensions (mm)2000x100x52000x100x6
Technical datasheet PDFPDF
Construction 5 layers7 layers
Glass fibre NoYes
Dimensions (mm)2000x100x52000x100x6
Technical datasheet PDFPDF

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