MOSO® Bamboo Outdoor

By using unique production processes the material is made suitable for many exterior applications, such as decking, cladding, fencing, and furniture.

Bamboo Outdoor

MOSO® Bamboo Flooring

A complete range of flooring types with multiple variations in size, colour and style, thus providing dozens of different bamboo flooring possibilities for any application (ranging from residential to commercial).

Bamboo flooring

MOSO® Bamboo Panels, Beams & Veneer

A very broad assortment in various sizes, colours and styles, offering solutions for indoor decoration (walls, ceilings, furniture, doors, etc) and (semi-) structural applications (window frames, curtain walls, etc).

Bamboo Panels, Beams & Veneer

MOSO® Unlimited Solutions

Unique solutions that can meet exceptionally high requirements from project partners and customized solutions for industrial clients like MOSO® Bamboo Veneer for BMW car interiors, Outdoor Beams for Erlau outdoor furniture, Bamboo Panels for HR Groep traffic signs and Jacking Beams for Mammoet.

Bamboo Unlimited

MOSO® Bamboo product benefits

MOSO® Bamboo products offers several advantages over other materials:

  • Bamboo flooring with warranty
    up to 30 years warranty
  • MOSO Bamboo benefit co2 neutral
    CO2 neutral
  • hard & durable
  • high stability
  • fire safe bamboo
    fire resistant

Considering bamboo?

Are you considering bamboo and need some advice to discover which product is the best fit? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our MOSO® Bamboo experts.

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