Bamboo staircases enhance any building

Stairs are important structural elements of all buildings, which is why well-known, traditional building materials are often chosen. In many buildings, stairs are also an eye-catcher and contribute to the atmosphere of the interior. Bamboo staircases offer several advantages in comparison to other materials and are easy to combine with bamboo floors, balustrades, walls and ceilings.

The advantages of bamboo stairs

Bamboo as a staircase offers several advantages:

  • the natural appearance with, depending on the chosen bamboo style, a structured to “woody” line pattern is created
  • engineered bamboo is a strong, wear-resistant and hard material that lasts for years and years;
  • the wide range with different colours, dimensions and textures;
  • bamboo is a very stable material: it hardly shrinks or swells and the steps in a well-installed open staircase remain straight.

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Bamboo offers several advantages in comparison with other materials when used as a staircase:

Bamboo products

For the production of stairs, bamboo is mainly used in the form of flooring for covering an existing staircase or as a panel for covering an existing staircase or as a complete stairway step. The final application determines the choice of the right bamboo product.

Princess Maxima Centre with the stairs as an eye-catcher

In the entrance of the recently opened Princess Maxima Centre, Princess Máxima Centre, the largest children’s oncology centre in Europe, the bamboo open staircase is a real eye-catcher. MOSO® Bamboo Solid Panels in Side Pressed Caramel have been installed here in such a way that a beautiful interplay of lines has been created. The lines run from the steps into the balustrade, which makes the design even more impressive. MOSO® Bamboo Side Pressed Caramel is also applied in the ceiling.

Read the success story

"The use of bamboo as a staircase and ceiling gives a warm atmosphere in the Princess Máxima Centre for Paediatric Oncology, which helps to create a feeling of belonging. In addition, bamboo is a sustainable material, in an otherwise very sustainable building. It is not BREEAM certified because of the budget, but it would otherwise have achieved Excellent."

Thomas Bögl, LIAG Architects
LIAG Architects website

Open staircases

Open staircases can be created with MOSO® Bamboo Solid Panel. This board material is available in different thicknesses, colours and styles. The Bamboo Solid Panel is made of laminated bamboo strips. This creates a special look on the sides, which becomes beautifully prominent when used as steps. The choice of the top layer determines the hardness of the step and, thus, the lifespan. The method of finishing, for example with a lacquer or oil, is also very decisive for the long lasting appearance of the staircase.

Bamboo Solid Panel

Open stairs for high traffic

Open staircases can be fitted with Bamboo UltraDensity Stair Panels. These panels are made of solidly pressed bamboo with an ultra-high density. A large amount of crushed bamboo strips are compressed into a board with an unprecedented hardness. Tests and certification by the French construction institute FCBA show that Bamboo UltraDensity has better properties than any other renewable material, such as wood. Thanks to extensive certification, Bamboo UltraDensity can be placed in the most intensively used public areas, such as railway stations.

Bamboo Ultradensity®

Closed stairs and grandstand staircase

Closed stairs can be finished with a bamboo material of your choice. In many cases, the bamboo floor used in the building is also used in the staircase. The bamboo floor on the staircase needs to be completely glued, which makes Bamboo Supreme (2-layer) very suitable for stair finishing. MOSO® offers several stair noses in the accessory range to install and finish a sustainable staircase with a bamboo floor.

Bamboo Stairs at AkzoNobel

Grandstand stairs as seating area

Grandstand stairs are a form of staircase that also double as a seating area. This form of staircase has been gaining popularity recently, especially in public buildings, such as schools. Finishing the stairs with a bamboo flooring makes it durable and natural and this can be executed in various colours and styles.

Bamboo stairs and furniture in Public Elementary School "IKC De Toverberg"

CO2 neutral staircases

For every staircase, MOSO® offers CO2 neutral, durable bamboo products that offer an ideal alternative to less ecologically sustainable materials. An official life cycle analysis (LCA) conducted proves that almost all MOSO® solid bamboo products are CO2 neutral or better during the product lifespan. Partly thanks to these results, MOSO® Bamboo Products can be used to achieve additional credits for sustainable building certification such as LEED and BREEAM.

More about the sustainability of MOSO bamboo
Forest Growth MOSO bamboo sustainable and green product

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Examples of bamboo stairs

Within the MOSO® reference projects there are numerous examples of bamboo staircases, varying from flooring that flows seamlessly into stairs to striking open staircases with bamboo balustrades. We would like to present a number of recently completed projects:

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