Bamboo wallcovering for a natural atmosphere

The wall covering in an interior is very decisive for the atmosphere in a building. Applying a natural wall covering, such as bamboo, offers the opportunity to make the atmosphere warmer and more pleasant. Even in a modern interior, in combination with, for example, steel and concrete, bamboo provides a warm element.

Bamboo offers several benefits in comparison with other materials for wall covering:

The advantages of bamboo wallcovering

Bamboo wallcovering is easy to combine with bamboo floors, furniture and ceilings and offers several advantages over other materials:

  • the natural look with, depending on the chosen bamboo style, a linear to wild line pattern on the wall;
  • the low emissions contribute to a healthy indoor climate;
  • CO2 neutral MOSO® Bamboo wall covering products contribute to sustainable building, including additional credits for LEED and BREEAM building certification;
  • the high stability of laminated and compressed bamboo in panels and beams.
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Bamboo veneer at Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

MOSO® Bamboo Products

A bamboo wallcovering can be realized in various ways. MOSO® offers a number of products in its range for this purpose. The choice of product depends on the substrate, the combination with other (bamboo) materials and the design.

Bamboo wallcovering is everywhere in Hotel Jakarta

Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam is the greenest hotel in the Netherlands. Various bamboo applications have been installed throughout the building, including the wall finish made of bamboo beams. The beams, in a light Side Pressed Caramel optic, are custom-made by MOSO® and are also used in the ceiling covering. In combination with the darker colour bamboo floor and the unique tropical inner garden, an atmosphere is created in which nature prevails.

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MOSO Bamboo products used in Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam

"The use of bamboo forges a narrative across time and geography. This traditional material of the Far East connects Hotel Jakarta to a chapter of Dutch-Indonesian shipping history written on site. Bamboo is a natural, highly modern answer to the present need to create sustainable environments."

Kathrin Hanf - SeARCH architect
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The effect of bamboo wallcovering

People perform better and feel more comfortable in a natural environment. By (partially) adding bamboo to the walls of a building, a natural atmosphere can quickly be added to a basically decorated room. This can be in the form of a wall finish but also with furniture. If desired, the bamboo wallcovering can be provided with additional acoustic properties by means of perforations or milled-out patterns.

Bamboo acoustic panels in Docks Office

Flexible bamboo for wall covering

MOSO® Bamboo Veneer and Flexbamboo (bamboo strips on a mesh backing) are very flexible and can be pressed or glued on many different surfaces. Veneer and Flexbamboo are ideal for creating round shapes and offer a relatively inexpensive solution.

The MOSO® Bamboo 1-Ply Panel is a thick bamboo veneer, which is less flexible than veneer or Flexbamboo. These panels are used, for example, on fire-resistant walls or doors. The desired result is achieved by pressing the panel onto another material.

MOSO® Bamboo VeneerMOSO® Bamboo 1-Ply Panel
bamboo wall covering midwives clinic Groei

Bamboo panels or beams as wall coverings

Solid Bamboo Panels and Beams can be used as wallcoverings. The thickness of these panels can be chosen depending on the desired depth effect. Solid Bamboo Panels can be applied with improved acoustic properties by perforating the sheets if required. Also, wall furniture is often produced from panels and beams.

Bamboo Solid PanelBamboo Solid Beam
Bamboo Panel applied in Lexus lounge

CO2 neutral wall decoration

MOSO® offers CO2 neutral, durable bamboo products for every type of wallcovering. An official life cycle analysis (LCA) conducted proves that almost all MOSO® solid bamboo products are CO2 neutral or better during the product lifespan. Partly thanks to these results, MOSO® Bamboo Products can be used to achieve additional credits for sustainable building certification such as LEED and BREEAM.

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Bamboo Flooring, wall, furniture Tel-Aviv University (PSES)

MOSO® supplies bamboo products for interior applications in the styles High Density® Side Pressed and Plain Pressed, in the colours Ecru and Caramel. These optics can easily be combined with the different bamboo floors, but also with beams for window frames and ceiling finishes. MOSO® Bamboo board material is also available in the optic High Density® Tiger, a mix of Ecru and Caramel.

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