MOSO Bamboo X-treme Cladding installed at Grotius at extreme heights with fire rating B

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Be inspired by hundreds of bamboo applications and countless projects made with a wide range of MOSO® Bamboo Products.

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MOSO® Bamboo benefits

With proven sustainable bamboo products, MOSO® offers a natural, fast-growing alternative for flooring, decking, wall-covering, beams, boards and worktops, which meets the highest requirements.

  • CO2 Storage BenefitsStored Carbon
  • Hard & durable
  • MOSO warranty 30 yearsWarranty up to 30 years
  • Natural beauty
  • Healthy choice
More MOSO® Bamboo benefits
MOSO bamboo products production

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MOSO® is the market leader in the development of innovative and sustainable bamboo products for interior and exterior applications. The range of products is divided in four product groups:

MOSO Bamboo products used in Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam
Ceiling | Door & Window frame | Flooring | Stairs | Wall

Hotel Jakarta

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Bamboo Terrace at a Private Residence in Solana Beach, California

Private Residence at Solana Beach

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Bamboo wood in CityLife Shopping District
Ceiling | Flooring | Furniture | Stairs | Wall

CityLife Shopping District – Podium Zaha Hadid

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Bamboo decking of Meier On Rothschild Tower Luxury Apartments

Meier On Rothschild Tower Luxury Apartments

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Bamboo X-treme cladding and furniture beams at Schoonschip Amsterdam

Schoonschip Amsterdam

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极速赛车-幸运飞艇-澳洲幸运官方体彩,官网直播开奖结果&全天开奖记录 Inspiration by applications

Be inspired by our project references and find the MOSO® Bamboo solution that meets your needs depending on the desired application:

Commercial decking

The natural decking solution combining high stability, durability and hardness.

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Commercial flooring

Truly ecological and durable natural flooring for heavy duty applications.

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A natural, durable, ecological and guaranteed 25 years decking for your outdoor.

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Bamboo Terrace at a Private Residence in Solana Beach, California


Different façade claddings that meet the highest standards: fire classification, stability, durability…

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MOSO Bamboo X-treme beams Oxygen project

Wall covering

Various solutions to be applied as a wall covering and create a healthy, warm and ecological interior.

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MOSO Bamboo products used in LEED certified bamboo project at Asics

More applications

Discover unlimited bamboo solutions and applications developed by MOSO®.

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News & Blog

Discover more from MOSO® hereBamboo Blog

Philosophy of MOSO®

With 25 years’ experience in the relatively young bamboo industry, MOSO® is recognised as the global A-brand in bamboo because of its focus on sustainability, product quality and innovation. MOSO® believes in bamboo as the solution to deforestation of tropical rainforests and the excessive use of our planets non-renewable materials.

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